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My LINKEDIN Profile which includes a comprehensive career resumé.

My SCRIBD Page with pdfs of most of my screenplays.

My VIMEO Account with various clips of film.

My FACEBOOK Profile.


WELCOME to my ‘virtual literary Shed’

My name is NEIL RAPHAEL.

I’m a Londoner….’up North’.  And I’m a writer……

……In 1983, on a hunch, I started writing comedy sketches and stand-up material.

First, for NewsRevue and comedians JESSICA MARTIN and RORY BREMNER…

Then, BBC Radio 4 – my first-ever sketch was for WEEK ENDING…

Then, commercial TV - my first-ever sketch was for the first series of SPITTING IMAGE.

It was a lucky hunch – I’ve been writing ever since.

I’m a long-standing member of the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain.

I now mainly write screenplays with quirky, evocative British themes.


This site performs 2 functions:

———————  to showcase some of my work, with updates on current projects.

———————  as a commentary on what’s going on around me - past, present and future.

Hello tumblr (good riddance Google)

I had a Google blog for 3 years…..

Due to work pressures, the blog lapsed….

And somehow, Google locked me out of my blog.

I made numerous attempts to deal with Google’s various departments to resurrect my Blogger blog.



I cannot detail just how appalling Google’s customer relations are.

In fact, they’re non-existent.


I decided to throw my blog in with the guys at tumblr.

So, thanks to Mike Harding (in NZ) for his advice and help with his cool Scaffold tumblr Theme.

And Clive Tonge as well…